Kitty Antix - Pennywise II music video

Kitty Antix and her band of spooky clowns perform her original song, “Pennywise” in this music video including other well-known clowns, including:
Drastik as Captain Spaulding
Mr. J as Art The Clown
Marc LeBlanc as Bumpy The Clown
Pam Z as Bitch Pudding
Haze as Haze
Bryn Wolf as Scarlett Quinn
Violeta Gomez Roberts as Foxy Loxy
Sophie King as Giggles The Clown
Gabe Sifuentes as Drunk The Clown (Guitarist)
Blake Rehling as StyX The Clown (Drummer)
Danny Knapp as Twisty The Clown (Bassist)
with fire performers Paloma Gonzalez and AtomNuke