Maiden United at Vamp’d Vegas

Maiden United‘, the Iron Maiden tribute band featuring Danny Knapp as “Steve Hairless” performed at Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas. The show was a very special experience for the entire band, “The fans were amazing, and the staff and crew at Vamp’d are truly top knotch!” Maiden United also wished to thank Scorpions tribute ‘Love Drive’ for sharing the stage, and Livewire Photo for some great photos and videos. ⁠

13 Years of Wellness

Danny celebrated 13 years since he started his journey towards a healthier lifestyle. In late February of 2010, he weighed nearly 400 pounds, had a list of physical ailments, and had great difficulty walking. Danny realized he needed to make some serious changes, and by changing his relationship with food and getting 3-4 hours of exercise per week, he managed to transform his body over a 2-year period. Danny has now been maintaining his current lifestyle for 11 years. Danny mentioned, “I will never take for granted what I’ve gained on my road to wellness.⁠”


Spotify Wrap-up 2022 for We’re No Gentlemen

Wow! We’re No Gentlemen finished out 2022 with almost 160-thousand streams in 125 countries on Spotify (not to mention great support on many other streaming services). Much thanks to all the fans (affectionately known as ‘misfits’) for such a great year and continued support. We’re No Gentlemen have new music and some great shows coming up soon that they can’t wait to share with you.