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Danny Knapp – Bass Guitarist, also known as “The Melonhead” is a Southern California-based musician and composer, specializing in electric and fretless bass guitar. He also plays ukulele as well as frequently singing backing or lead vocals.

Danny is an energetic live performer as well as being an efficient and diverse session musician. Danny performs at least 100 gigs per year, offering his skills for a wide variety of bands and artists, including original bands, tributes, and covers, in genres ranging from reggae to rock, EDM, pop, metal, folk, latin, funk, jazz and more.

Danny has been performing and recording professionally since he was 16 years old. Early in his career, he played bass for Feedbags with Scotty Johnson (later of Gin Blossoms). In 2006-2010, Danny recorded and performed on bass, keyboards, and ukulele for Mikioi, a Hawaiian reggae band that received attention on Polynesian radio for their singles “Hawaii, My Home”, “Mikio’i Music”, and their rendition of the traditional song “Kanaka Wai Wai”. He also performed on ukulele and bass as a member of the renowned Pangean Orchestra. In 2016, Danny was a member of actress/singer/songwriter Katie Garfield’s live band.

Danny is currently the bass guitarist for the emo/alternative-rock band We’re No Gentlemen, singer/songwriter Serena Foster, and the reggae/pop/alt-rock band, The Bredren. Danny also regularly records and performs with Marlon Hoffman, For Pete’s Sake, LA Sound Machine, Prizmatic, La Vida Loca, Thank-U Drive-Thru, and several other L.A.-based projects.

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Presenting a softer, quieter Melonhead for a soothing evening vibe 😉.

Presenting a softer, quieter Melonhead for a soothing evening vibe 😉. I enjoy the challenge of getting to play ‘unplugged’ on my acoustic fretless bass — it requires adapting my bass lines to the highlight the essence of the song without getting in the way. I find that it’s much harder to play slow and quiet and still maintain technique and accuracy, because there’s a lot more room to mess up, and there’s no where to hide. At the same time, nothing’s more expressive than an a pared down acoustic song. It tugs at the heart 🖤.

You can watch some videos of me playing this bass on my YouTube channel at