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Danny Knapp – Bass Guitarist, also known as “The Melonhead” is a Southern California-based musician and composer, specializing in electric and fretless bass guitar. He also plays ukulele as well as frequently singing backing or lead vocals.

Danny is an energetic live performer as well as being an efficient and diverse session musician. Danny performs over 100 gigs per year, offering his skills for a wide variety of bands and artists, including original bands, tributes, and covers, in genres ranging from reggae to rock, EDM, pop, metal, folk, latin, funk, jazz and more.

Danny has been performing and recording professionally since he was 16 years old. Early in his career, he played bass for Feedbags with Scotty Johnson (later of Gin Blossoms). In 2006-2010, Danny recorded and performed on bass, keyboards, and ukulele for Mikioi, a Hawaiian reggae band that received attention on Polynesian radio for their singles “Hawaii, My Home”, “Mikio’i Music”, and their rendition of the traditional song “Kanaka Wai Wai”. He also performed on ukulele and bass as a member of the renowned Pangean Orchestra. In 2016, Danny was a member of actress/singer/songwriter Katie Garfield’s live band. Danny played bass for several years in the alt-rock/ska/reggae band The Bredren, which included former members of Save Ferris, Lit, Jeffries Fan Club, and For Pete’s Sake.

Danny is currently the bass guitarist for the emo/alternative-rock band We’re No Gentlemen and singer/songwriter Serena Foster. He is also an endorsed Pig Hog Cables artist. Danny regularly records and performs with many other artists such as pop-duo Taysti, Kitty Antix, L.A. Sound Machine, Maiden United, Pretty In Pink, La Vida Loca, Sugarlips, Thank-U Drive-Thru, and many other L.A.-based projects.

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We’re No Gentlemen Photo Shoot

The emo band We’re No Gentlemen recently teamed up with renowned music photographer Andrew Edward for a captivating photo shoot, showcasing the band’s unique aesthetic and emotional depth. Known for their poignant lyrics and dynamic sound that blends elements of punk, rock, and emo, the band presented themselves in a series of images that perfectly capture their essence. Andrew Edward, with his keen eye for detail and ability to convey the raw emotion of his subjects, highlighted the band’s intense energy and individual personalities. The result is a collection of photos that not only reflect We’re No Gentlemen’s artistic identity but also resonate with the emotional intensity that defines their music. This collaboration has undoubtedly added a visually striking chapter to the band’s journey, further connecting them with their audience and the broader emo music scene.

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Maiden United at SF Springs

Maiden United, the acclaimed Iron Maiden tribute band, recently electrified audiences with a stellar performance at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet. Known for their faithful renditions of Iron Maiden’s heavy metal anthems, the band delivered a setlist packed with classics, capturing the essence and energy of the original group. Fans of all ages gathered to experience the power and intensity of Iron Maiden’s music, brought to life by Maiden United’s skilled musicianship and dynamic stage presence. The event was a true celebration of Iron Maiden’s legacy, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement and admiration for Maiden United’s tribute to the iconic band.

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The ‘Rock for Robert Allen’ All-Star Jam

Bass guitarist Danny Knapp had the honor to attend and perform at the ‘Rock for Robert Allen’ All-Star Jam in Santa Ana, CA on Sunday, January 14th 2024. The event was a fundraiser to support memorial expenses for Allen, who was an immense supporter and advocate of the local music scene in SoCal for many years. Danny performed a few songs by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden alongside many of his friends and peers from various renown original and tribute bands that also attended.

Rock For Robert Allen All Star Jam

Behind the Scenes on a New Project

In the depths of creativity, a group of talented musicians, including the bass guitarist Danny Knapp, is currently engrossed in a secret new project that promises to be groundbreaking in the world of tribute bands. The mystery surrounding this endeavor has added somewhat of an air of anticipation, leaving fans and the SoCal musician scene buzzing with curiosity. The entire cast and crew involved in this projects is looking forward to an announcement early in 2024.

New tribute band project featuring bass guitarist Danny Knapp

In the Studio with Saint Saunt and Tanya Jae

Bass guitarist Danny Knapp recently spent several sessions in ‘The Den’ studios working with producer Saint Saunt. Danny recorded bass guitar tracks for several of the artists currently working with Saunt, including a new song titled “Faded Memory” for singer/songwriter Tanya Jae. Danny provided a prominent, haunting fretless bass line which intertwines with Tanya’s evocative vocals, illuminating the solid, collaborative chemistry between Danny, Jae, and Saunt. “Faded Memory” will be available soon on all music platforms.

Faded Memory by Tanya Jae featuring Danny Knapp on bass guitar

Kitty Antix Released the Music Video for “Forget Me”

Kitty Antix released her new single “Forget Me” accompanied by a music video for the song. The music video features some of the same cast of performers from some of her previous videos, including Danny Knapp on bass guitar. The video was directed by Jesse Bellis, and also features guitarist Gabe Sifuentes, Corey Redgrift on keyboards, and drummer Blake Rehling. “Forget Me” is streaming on all platforms, and the music video is now available on Kitty Antix official YouTube channel.

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The Ultimate Jam at The Whisky-A-GoGo

The Iron Maiden tribute band, Maiden United, took center stage last night at The Ultimate Jam Night show hosted at The Whisky-A-GoGo on the iconic Sunset Strip, delivering an electrifying performance that paid homage to the legendary metal pioneers. Among the talented lineup was bass guitarist Danny Knapp, whose commanding presence and expertly executed bass lines added a distinctive flair to the tribute. Knapp’s mastery on the bass guitar honored the iconic sound of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris.

Maiden United performing live in The Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A GoGo
Maiden United performing live in The Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky A GoGo

Debut Recording and Music Video from The Orange Blossom Sessions

Danny Knapp was recently featured in the The Orange Blossoms Sessions, an upcoming musical collective based in Orange County, CA. This ensemble project features a rotating lineup of accomplished musicians curated by producers Geoff Davis and Alexandra Jack.Their debut single, “All That You Dream,” originally by Little Feat and beautifully interpreted by the legendary Linda Ronstadt, exemplifies their ability to blend classic rock with contemporary innovation. The song is now streaming on all platforms and showcased in their music video on YouTube.

The Orange Blossom Sessions featuring Danny Knapp on bass guitar
The Orange Blossom Sessions featuring Danny Knapp on bass guitar

Live Video Shoot with Bryn Ryan

Bass guitarist Danny Knapp embarked on an exciting journey, spending a captivating day immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of a live video shoot with the immensely talented singer/songwriter Bryn Ryan and her band. As part of this collaborative endeavor, Knapp’s rhythmic prowess on the bass guitar served as a cornerstone, intertwining seamlessly with Ryan’s evocative vocals and the musical prowess of her bandmates. The synergy of the ensemble added a rich layer to the live performance, enhancing the visual and auditory experience captured on camera. Their collective artistry brought depth and energy to the shoot, showcasing a day filled with creativity, passion, and the magic of collaborative music-making.

Bass guitarist Danny Knapp performing live on camera with the Bryn Band
Bass guitarist Danny Knapp performing live on camera with Bryn Ryan and her band