Woohoo! Our new @werenogentlemen song and music video, “Vicious Love” just dropped today. The song is available on the new Pacific Ridge Records compilation album, ‘A Tribute to New Found Glory’ on all major platforms.

Watch the full-length video (including yours truly as ‘Leather Daddy’) on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lg0gw0FSEsA (but don’t say I didn’t warn you) 😶

So stoked!

So stoked! I just got one of the brand new Fender American Professional II Precision V basses. Fender announced them back in August, but they just released them from production a few weeks ago. I still absolutely love my Stingray basses, but for studio sessions and certain projects, sometimes I need that quintessential P-bass sound. This new model is exactly what I’ve been looking for, because the shape and width of the neck is very similar to the Stingray, so I can jump back and forth between the using the Stingray or the P-bass without having to retrain my brain every time. This bass plays like a dream and indeed it has that classic P-bass tone.

I’ll spend a little time in the next few weeks getting this bass customized with an @alperiouspickguard, etc., but first it’s off to @13thStreetGuitars to get PLEK’d and set up. 🤘😎

My acoustic smoothy!

My acoustic smoothy! This fretless 5-string Dragonfly acoustic bass made by @michaelkellyguitars is so much fun to play. I added a K&K Pure Bass transducer pickup that I blend with the built-in piezo pickup. It sounds fantastic and has so much character, whether I’m recording or playing a live acoustic set with a band. As a bonus, it’s waaay easier to bring this to gigs instead of lugging around a stand-up bass.

I love playing many different genres of music.

I love playing many different genres of music. As a hired musician, I am continually learning and improving my craft by playing in playing in tribute and cover bands as well as playing original music. Here’s a new highlight clip from ‘Raise Your Glass’, our tribute to P!nk and her amazing band family, including Justin Derrico and Eva Gardner.

Audio was recorded live at For The Record in Orange, CA