Behind the Scenes on a New Project

In the depths of creativity, a group of talented musicians, including the bass guitarist Danny Knapp, is currently engrossed in a secret new project that promises to be groundbreaking in the world of tribute bands. The mystery surrounding this endeavor has added somewhat of an air of anticipation, leaving fans and the SoCal musician scene buzzing with curiosity. The entire cast and crew involved in this projects is looking forward to an announcement early in 2024.

New tribute band project featuring bass guitarist Danny Knapp

In the Studio with Saint Saunt and Tanya Jae

Bass guitarist Danny Knapp recently spent several sessions in ‘The Den’ studios working with producer Saint Saunt. Danny recorded bass guitar tracks for several of the artists currently working with Saunt, including a new song titled “Faded Memory” for singer/songwriter Tanya Jae. Danny provided a prominent, haunting fretless bass line which intertwines with Tanya’s evocative vocals, illuminating the solid, collaborative chemistry between Danny, Jae, and Saunt. “Faded Memory” will be available soon on all music platforms.

Faded Memory by Tanya Jae featuring Danny Knapp on bass guitar