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So stoked!

So stoked! I just got one of the brand new Fender American Professional II Precision V basses. Fender announced them back in August, but they just released them from production a few weeks ago. I still absolutely love my Stingray basses, but for studio sessions and certain projects, sometimes I need that quintessential P-bass sound. This new model is exactly what I’ve been looking for, because the shape and width of the neck is very similar to the Stingray, so I can jump back and forth between the using the Stingray or the P-bass without having to retrain my brain every time. This bass plays like a dream and indeed it has that classic P-bass tone.

I’ll spend a little time in the next few weeks getting this bass customized with an @alperiouspickguard, etc., but first it’s off to @13thStreetGuitars to get PLEK’d and set up. 🤘😎

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