I’m so happy with my current bass rig.

I’m so happy with my current bass rig. For the past four years or so, using @kemperamps_official has been a game-changer for me, both for my original projects as well as my session work and the cover bands I play in. Having the capability to switch my amp tone at will is like getting to carry all my favorite amps around with me at without breaking my back (or my bank account).

For a few of my projects, I’m now exploring automation for my program/effect changes with @ableton software. Once I get this done, it will free me up during live performances so that I don’t have to mash foot controller buttons and I just can concentrate on playing, singing, and putting on a good show.

I’m putting together a video series for a rundown on my rig, using a Kemper as a bassist, and how to integrate a Kemper with midi effect pedals, Ableton Live, and all kinds of fun stuff. Details coming soon!

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Photo by @red_hareimages

I just updated my @kemperamps_official to the latest firmware.

I just updated my @kemperamps_official to the latest firmware. There’s some fantastic new features and it’s rock solid and stable as always! I still use a few external pedals for certain specialty functions: bass synths from futureimpactpedal and c4synth, as well as advanced filter and distortion effects from @sourceaudio. My external effects are all midi-capable, which empowers me to use the Kemper to control all of their settings. I can change all of my effects (internal & external) with the tap of a button on my pedalboard. In one of my bands, we use @Ableton Live for audio, lighting, and video cues. Ableton even sends patch changes to my bass rig so that I can just concentrate on performing — no more doing the pedal dance. The Kemper Profiler has really been a game-changer for me.